Are you a tea lover? Well, if you are as much as we are, you most likely know that it provides many health benefits. Indeed, among its many benefits, black tea improves cardiovascular health, helps to have a better oral health, stimulates the brain, helps in weight loss, prevents certain cancers and strengthens the bones. Beyond all these beneficial aspects, we love black tea for its pronounced and invigorating taste. With this in mind, here are 6 amazing drink suggestions to make with black tea.

1. London Fog prepared with Earl Grey Black Tea

Black tea enthusiasts will be delighted, as they are offered a recipe of Canadian origin, the London Fog, made from Earl Grey Black Tea by Four O'Clock. In fact, this blend of hot milk, Earl Grey BlackTea and Vanilla is perfect if you need a source of comfort! It's easy to make, and perfect to enjoy on a chilly summer evening or in winter, during winter storms. For an even more pronounced taste, you can add a little honey. It can be adapted to every season, you will be delighted by its rich appearance. Would you like a cup?

London Fog
Source : Natrel

2. Iced Tea with Black Tea

What could be more refreshing than enjoying a nice iced tea on a sunny afternoon? It would be difficult to find anything better, right? Here is an iced tea recipe made with black tea. To make this drink, you will need 8 tea bags of the Four O'Clock Black Tea, an orange or a lemon, water and ice. You can even add lemonade if you like. It is the perfect option for your afternoons by the pool or for the days when you want to reminisce about your most beautiful summer memories

Iced tea
Source : Chowhound

3. Hot Chocolate with Black Tea

Everyone with a sweet tooth will fall under the spell of this delicious Hot Chocolate recipe (french recipe) with Black Tea. This hot drink made from almond milk, water, Nutella, Four O'Clock Earl Grey Black Tea, marshmallows and even ice cream for the more adventurous, will make everyone happy. Indeed, this variation of the traditional Hot Chocolate recipe reminds us of our childhood with the added flavor of black tea. The nostalgics will be happy to update their favorite recipe.

Chocolat chaud
Source : Trois Fois Par Jour

4. Homemade Kombucha with Black Tea

It is very likely that you have recently heard of Kombucha, a drink originating from Mongolia, which is currently the trend on the market. With all the enthusiasm about this drink, it goes without saying that we wanted to offer you a delicious homemade Kombucha with black tea recipe. This drink is notably recognized for its many beneficial virtues for the health. Indeed, it has detox capacities that favor the digestive process. Containing a little sugar, its sparkling side will seduce you after your first sip! To add a personal touch to this tea recipe, you can add your favorite berries. Certainly, you will see the many benefits of integrating Kombucha into your diet.

Source : The Kitchn

5. Moroccan Mojito with Black Tea

Is the classic mojito your favorite drink? In this case, try this alternative, a Moroccan Mojito made with black tea. This recipe is made with a blend of black tea, sugar, spearmint leaves, fresh lime juice, white rum, dark rum and sparkling water. It is the perfect cocktail to serve when you have guests over. Its exotic taste will allow you to travel without even leaving the comfort of your home. Want to try it?

Mojito Marocain
Source : Bojon Gourmet

6. Blueberry Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream Float

Ice cream lovers love to put ice cream into their diet in any way they can. We offer you an Ice cream float recipe with lavender, blackberries and Earl Grey black tea that will satisfy the desire for freshness. Made from a surprising mixture of ingredients, including blackberries, black tea, lavender syrup, sparkling water, vanilla and coconut ice cream, you will be charmed by the unique side of this recipe. If you want, you can even freeze this beverage to make homemade popsicles. It's up to you to see which option works best for you!

Source : Snixy Kitchen

Finally, there are endless possibilities when talking about recipes made with black tea. The rich taste of this type of tea fits perfectly with a wide variety of beverages. Now you can try these new recipes by preparing them for your next sunny happy hour. Will your friends be able to notice the black tea in every recipe? Only true connoisseurs will succeed. Have fun making drinks!