Pregnancy is an important step in a woman’s life, during which she experiences a unique connection with her baby. It is therefore natural that expecting mothers would want to do everything in their power to give birth to a healthy child. Any number of questions can come to mind during this period. Among these, many woman wonder if they will have to give up their favourite drink during their pregnancy. You will be happy to know that it is perfectly safe to drink tea during pregnancy, as long as you follow some simple guidelines. In this article you will find our tips to help guide you in your decisions.

A Few Tips for Drinking Tea During Pregnancy

1. Go for Tisanes or Decaffeinated Teas

First of all, it is important to know the difference between a tea and a tisane. Tisanes do not generally contain caffeine, which is a healthy option during pregnancy. However, we can sometimes find small doses of caffeine in certain teas. According to Health Canada, consuming too much caffeine during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby. You could always opt for a delicious decaffeinated tea that will give you that great taste while remaining safe for you and your baby.

Go for tisane

2. Selecting a Tea for Its Benefits

We also recommend selecting a tea or tisane for the health benefits it can provide. For example, ginger tisane is a good option as it has been found to help reduce nausea during pregnancy. Why not try a delicious Ginger Pear Tisane from Four O’Clock? Teas and tisanes also contain antioxidants which help protect the immune system, keeping you and your baby healthy. Just one more reason to drink tea during pregnancy!

Tea benefits

3. Drink Tea in Moderation

If you find you really can’t give up your caffeinated tea, moderation if key. Health Canada recommends staying under 300 mg of caffeine per day during pregnancy. It is important to remember that chocolate and sugary sodas also contain caffeine. Therefore, we have to consider our total caffeine intake and not only what comes from teas and coffees. You should not be consuming more than 2 cups of caffeinated drink per day. In case of doubt, your doctor will be able to answer any questions about your tea consumption. After all, each individual and pregnancy is different. You may therefore have to consider other indications specific to you.

Drink with moderation

4. Be Informed About What You Are Purchasing

In order to prioritize your health and the health of your baby, it is important to know what you are buying. You can often find helpful information written on the box. For example, we do not recommend drinking mint or chamomile tisanes while pregnant. These tisanes stimulate the uterus, which is obviously not recommended during pregnancy. If you are not sure where to start, Info-Sante can help guide your decisions during your pregnancy.

Be informed

Finally, if you are a tea lover you will be happy to know that drinking tea during pregnancy is perfectly fine if you follow certain guidelines. It is important to be informed about the teas and tisanes you consume in order to make sure that they do not exceed the daily dose of caffeine recommended by Health Canada.

Anyway, there is a wide variety of tisanes and decaffeinated teas available to allow you to continue enjoying your favourite drink. To help you relax, we suggest sitting down to a delicious cup of soothing tea. After all, pregnant women should limit their stress levels, and taking a few minutes to relax can only be beneficial.

Have a wonderful pregnancy!