Do you want to make your loved ones smile this Christmas? Offer them one or many of these christmas teas and herbal teas. It will win them over fore sure! These teas go well with a meal shared with family or friends. Discover 7 Christmas teas to offer and enjoy with your loved ones!

1. The Sweet Winter Orchard

Some people would like to extend the fall season as long as possible. However, Mother Nature has the last word. A good apple and caramel spiced black tea will comfort them on a cold day. This is the perfect gift to offer and enjoy around this time of the year.


**Also available in a pyramid tea bag.

2. The Morning Delight

The white biscotti almond tea is a beautiful composition of fabulous ingredients. This beverage is ideal to drink with friends or with your loved ones in the morning at breakfast time. The cold winter days may seem grey, but by starting your mornings off on the right foot with this tea, everything will seem better and brighter.


3. The Daily Moment of Zen

At the end of a semester or work week, with the children, stress can still be present throughout the holidays. A cup of green tea with jasmine & lotus flower is the best present you can offer. With its pleasant fragrance and floral notes, each sip will give a feeling of well-being and help you to relax. Why not also get one for yourself.


4. Being in the Arms of Morpheus

Banana and cinnamon, the perfect Christmas tea to catch up on some sleep before returning to the daily routine. Indeed, the combination of bananas and cinnamon creates a very effective sleeping pill. If you know someone looking to catch up on some sleep, offer them this remedy. After all, to fully enjoy the winter, you have to get a good night's sleep.


5. The Fresh Chocolate Digestive Tea

Every year at Christmas parties, there are always these little delightful pieces of chocolate filled with a light mint cream on the corner of the table that we can't get enough of. Offer the Mint Chocolate Herbal tea to relive this moment throughout the winter. When it’s time to enjoy a digestive tea, enjoy this drink with your guests, and they will not be disappointed.

6. The comfort of the Sun

For many, the snow and cold is not for them during the holiday season. Some people prefer basking in the sun on the beach and swimming in the sea. You can offer them a piece of paradise with the rooibos tea with passion fruit and apricot. This is the perfect Christmas tea to give as a gift, it will allow your loved ones to visualize a tropical paradise with every sip,


**Also available in a pyramid tea bag.

7. The Classic Gingerbread

Finally, nothing is more Christmasy than gingerbread. It is the iconic fragrance accompanied by an extravagant taste that makes gingerbread the perfect option to serve to your guests at Christmas time. Whether in cookies, a cake or even a herbal tea, it is always nice to curl up near the fireplace with gingerbread.

Which Christmas teas do you prefer?