A hearty meal can be delicious, but it can also cause discomfort a few hours later. Most of the time, this causes stomach aches. The most common symptoms are heartburn, nausea, indigestion and gastric discomfort.

Gas, bloating and fatigue can ruin a beautiful planned evening. Therefore, digestive herbal teas are recommended to help with digestion. Discover the 4 benefits tea can provide to relieve your stomach aches!

1. It Relieves your Heartburn

Several reasons explain the onset of heartburn. Eating very spicy food and drinking alcohol, for example, can cause this digestive problem. Furthermore, if you are not used to eating this type of meal, there is a good chance that you will suffer from heartburn.

To reduce pain and ease digestion, drink a digestive tea. This infusion normally includes ginger which is a recognized root to regulate several ailments, including heartburn.

Moreover, these irritations arise from a surplus of gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid. Foods taking longer to digest such as meat, animal fats and some types of nuts may be the source of the problem.

A balanced diet with herbal tea before and after a meal will save you sometimes from these painful digestive symptoms.

2. It Reduces the Feeling of Heaviness after Meals

"Bloating", is an unpleasant sensation that occurs mostly after large meals. However, an exhaustive list of foods may also be the culprit:

  • Frying;
  • Beans
  • Salty foods;
  • Soft drinks;
  • Refined carbohydrates;
  • Spices;
  • And of course, alcohol.

While many other types of food can cause stomach swelling and a feeling of heaviness, this is a non-exhaustive list.

To avoid this, a digestive herbal tea with mint and peppermint proves to be an excellent remedy. These two ingredients help digestion, but especially with stomach aches.

3. It Reduces Constipation Disorders

Constipation is mostly caused by a lack of fiber, insufficient water intake, and a change in your diet or even consuming too many dairy products. This digestive problem is recurrent in people who do not exercise or do very little exercise. Add an unhealthy diet to the mix and you get a far more serious problem.

Digestive teas can help you get healthy again. Herbal teas provide a certain amount of water to avoid constipation. On the other hand, it is the infused ingredients that provide the desired effect. Chamomile, sage, ginger and many other components become the solution to help relieve constipation.

4. It Relieves Indigestion

Vomiting and nausea are often associated with gastroenteritis or indigestion. Gastroenteritisis (known as the stomach flu) is a viral infection that lasts for several days. Indigestion happens when we eat fatty food, spicy food or simply eat too much. This can also cause gastric reflux.

As with heartburn, a digestive herbal tea with ginger, mint and lemon will relieve these ailments. Although indigestion never lasts more than a day, it is a very unpleasant feeling to have especially when you have guests over.

In addition to drinking herbal tea, drink water to speed up the process.

Finally, to relieve these stomach aches and reduce their intensity drink a digestive herbal tea at the beginning or at the end of your meal to avoid suffering from digestion issues. In addition, add healthy foods to your daily meals. You will see a big difference in only a few weeks.

What is your favorite herbal tea to soothe your stomach aches?