Have you ever heard of Instagram? We are convinced that the answer to this question is yes and that you use it all the time. We use this platform to get inspired, by looking at photos and watching videos that are visually appealing. For this reason, and because you love tea (everyone knows it), we have decided to group together in this article our 10 favorite Instagram accounts, for all tea lovers. It is hoped that these will inspire you and make you want to share your #momentfouroclock on Instagram.

Are you ready to be inspired?

When Instagram Makes your Mouth Water ...

1. The @imjustahuman account

This Instagram account belongs to a Ukrainian student which will really make you want to make a cup of tea! Indeed, this one offers attractive photos, with warm atmospheres. This is the account to follow in order to prepare for the next season. She loves to arrange candles, tea and leaves to create fall themed posts. We are sure you will be charmed as much as we are!

Source: Instagram @Imjustahuman

2. The @canadatea account

This Instagram account of the Canadian Tea Associationis made up of a variety of inspirational photos. In addition, we are also fond of the fact that she mentions, in her descriptions, interesting facts related to tea. So you get two for the price of one by checking out her posts, and you get to learn a ton of information about your favorite beverage!

Source: Instagram @Canadatea

3. The @butfirst_tea account

As soon as you come across this page, you are warned in the bio that it is exclusively reserved for tea addicts ... Something tells us that you won't mind! This account is particularly interesting to follow, since it contains several photos redistributed by amateurs coming from all over the world. You get to travel with every photo of tea time ...

Source: Instagram @Butfirst_tea

4. The @tea account

With more than 39,000 subscribers following this page, it was obvious that you were told about it! Again, we are offering you to repost, or share photos of tea and herbal tea fanatics . You will find a multitude of pictures and enchanting scenery. This is the perfect opportunity to discover new ideas to create your own Instagram page.

Source: Instagram @Tea

5. The @degustatea account

This account is one of our favorites, since it gathers a ton of posts with vibrant colors, while highlighting tea in all of its forms. It is definitely an Instagram account to which tea lovers should subscribe!

Source: Instagram @Degustatea

6. The @astridfebrinarizal account

This instagram profile of lifestyle inspirations is very interesting from an aesthetic point of view. Clearly, one can see that its owner is actually a professional photographer. The talent on this account gives a neat and coherent news stream. A happy mix of posts focused on food and tea. It is very likely that this one will make you a little hungry!

Source: Instagram @Astridfebrinarizal

7. The @tea_happiness account

As the name says, a simple glance at this profile and you will be filled with happiness! The owner of this page knows how to adapt its content according to every season. For example, the account publishes orange-colored photos for the fall season. She particularly likes to capture the moment when she pours a cup of tea. A moment that may seem trivial, but allows for amazing photos!

Source: Instagram @Tea_happiness

8. The @ohhowcivilized account

If you like the minimalist style, you will fall in love with this Instagram account. This blogger from New York presents a series of clean photos that leaves plenty of room for her favorite teas. From the first glance, it can be seen that the blogger puts a lot of effort into the creation of her posts, which is bearing fruit!

Source: Instagram @Ohhowcivilized

9. The @luceleaftea account

As for this Instagram account, we love it for its posts highlighting not only tea, but also multiple accessories. The simple backgrounds of the photos on this account, allow you to pay attention to your favorite comfort drink!

Source: Instagram @Luceleaftea

10. The @teafouroclock account

To conclude, it was obvious that we had to talk about our Instagram profile too, the Tea Four O'Clock. We offer several photos with lifestyle themes. In addition, our page allows you to stay on top of our latest blog articles through the link in the bio. Do not hesitate to subscribe to learn more about your favorite teas!

Finally, we hope that our selection of Instagram profiles for tea lovers will inspire you. You now have a multitude of ideas to create your own account. Do not hesitate to identify us on your posts with our #momentfouroclock. Who knows, maybe your content will be shared on our page!