No matter the time of year, it's always nice to discover new teas and herbal teas. However, spring has something extra special, giving way to a period of renewal. During this season, when nature comes back to life, some are inhabited by a desire for discovery. And trying new teas is a must to fill this desire of escape! Whether it's black tea, green tea or fruity tea, each of these categories has interesting nuances and tastes. In this article, we will look at floral tea, a milder type of infusion. Perhaps you will find a new tea crush among our propositions... If this is your case, share it with us via #fouroclockmoment. Without further ado, let's discover these floral teas together!

What is Floral Tea?

According to the legends, it is the Chinese who, in the course of history, decided to integrate flowers to their tea to add more taste. This is not surprising, considering that this civilization is the instigator of tea throughout the world! At the time, to do this, they mainly used dried jasmine flowers. Although jasmine tea is still popular with hot infusion enthusiasts, there are many other varieties of floral teas today to taste!

As its name indicates, for a tea to be qualified as floral, the latter must contain flower essences in its composition. For example, a tea could be the result of a combination of rose petals, green tea leaves and fruity aromas. It is also interesting to know that floral teas are versatile, as they are both tasty as cold and hot drinks. Depending on the intensity of the taste you are looking for, there are more pronounced and more discreet floral aromas. Often a tea containing ginger will be more intense in the mouth than a jasmine tea for example. Keep this idea in mind when it comes time to select the right floral tea for you!

What is floral tea?

Floral Teas for Every Taste

Jade Oolong Tea

You cannot talk about floral teas without talking about Jade Oolong Tea. This is a must try! The large tea leaves emit an intense smell of flowers. You can taste honey aromas, the sweet scent of lilacs and orange blossom as well. This caffeinated option will give you the energy you need to start the day off right.

Oolong tea

Green Tea With Rose Organic

The smell of roses is a fragrance appreciated by a large number of people. We suggest you try this excellent green tea with rose organic. In this hot infusion, the organic Bancha green tea leaves mingle with the aromas of rose petals. Everything leaves a memorable taste in the mouth. It's up to you to see if you prefer the hot or iced version of this floral tea!

Green Tea with rose organic

Organic Jasmine & Lotus Flower Scented Green Tea

There is a wide variety of green teas on the market, but this one has something extra that catches our attention at the first sip. Indeed, organic jasmine & lotus flower scented green tea is delicious, providing a taste of fruity, floral and sweet notes. This tea is made from apples, rose hip berries, orange, rose flowers andorganic jasmine green tea leaves. This is a floral tea that will surely charm you!

Organic Jasmine & Lotus Flower Scented Green Tea

Chamomile Flowers Herbal Tea

Did you know that the Egyptians once called chamomile the herb of the sun? In fact, because of its resemblance to the sun, the Egyptians amused themselves by nicknaming this plant this way. Today, the benefits of chamomile are known to all. In this sense, we suggest you try a delicious chamomile flowers herbal tea, an ideal drink to consume to relax before going to bed!

Chamomile Flowers Herbal Tea

Litchi Ginger White Tea

White tea lovers will be delighted by this litchi ginger white tea proposal. Made with ginger, orange, apples, rose petals, and white tea leaves, this tea will delight you with your first sip. This oriental, floral and spicy infusion is ideal to serve cold to refresh your parched guests. You will hear their praise for a long time, guaranteed!

Litchi Ginger White Tea

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Organic

In terms of floral tea, there is also a great classic such as jasmine pearls green tea which leaves room for the intoxicating taste of jasmine flowers. Once in the water, the pearls open majestically, releasing their delicate floral fragrance. It is great to serve this tea after a hearty meal. No wonder this plant is the symbol of love and temptation... One sip is enough to be seduced!


You now have a wealth of information to make an informed choice when it comes time for you to enjoy a floral tea. Delicious and delicate in the mouth, these will also allow you to enjoy many health benefits!