On Wednesday, November 28, the Quebec Food Processing Council (CTAQ) announced the winners of the 2018 Food Innovation Awards. The new Organic Reishi & Moringa Immunity herbal tea, part of the Four O’Clock Herbalist range, was a finalist in the Specialty Products category.

Developed by Trans-Herb, the manufacturer of Four O’Clock products

This new and innovative healthy herbal tea was developed by Trans-Herb’s in-house Research, Development & Innovation team in St-Bruno-de-Montarville. At Trans-Herb, we constantly strive for excellence while offering our clients a range of natural health products that meet their needs.

A vitality herbal tea that supports the immune system

The new Reishi & Moringa Immunity herbal tea, part of the Four O’Clock Herbalist range, is organic and eco-friendly and boasts unique nutritional properties. It showcases two trending ingredients: reishi mushroom and moringa. Due to their well-known health benefits, the popularity of mushrooms is constantly growing and consumers want to integrate them into their diets. The reishi mushroom has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost health and longevity. Moringa, also known as “miracle tree,” is highly nutritious. Reishi mushroom and moringa have both been recognized by Health Canada as sources of antioxidants. This herbal tea is an excellent ally that can support the immune system, boost vitality and help you tackle stress factors. You can easily integrate this tea into your healthy lifestyle and enjoy it any time of the day. It has a rich and smooth taste because reishi mushroom delivers delicious, natural notes of cocoa and vanilla. This tea is both comforting and delicious!

This natural health product is recognized and approved by Health Canada.