Fall is the perfect time to have people over and to prepare hearty meals. Indeed, this is the perfect time to create a warm home atmosphere and surround yourself with the people you love. Do you want to cook tasty meals that are also healthy? We thought of you with these 6 healthy fall recipes that go perfectly with a cup of tea. These dishes and teas complement each other and will certainly make you happy.

Do not wait any longer, discover our healthy fall recipe suggestions!

Warm Meals for Your Fall Evenings

1. Green Salad with Pecans and Cranberries + Ginger Pear Herbal Tea

If you are looking for a light and healthy diet, this green salad with pecans and cranberries is a must try! Comprised of apples, grilled pecans, celery, lettuce, dried cranberries and fresh parsley, it is an ideal meal for your evenings during this cooler season. If you want to enhance the flavor, you can add a few pieces of feta cheese. In addition, for an original and delicious combination, enjoy it with a ginger pear herbal tea. You will be pleasantly surprised by how well they complement each other! Ready to try it?

Source: Châtelaine

2. Pumpkin Soup + Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Organic

It goes without saying that fall and pumpkins go hand in hand! Pumpkins are harvested from September to December, to take full advantage of them. For this meal, you will need chicken broth, pumpkin, potatoes, chopped celery, onion, olive oil and milk. Moreover, pumpkin is a good source of vitamin A. Once it is ready, it is suggested to accompany this dish with a Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Organic. This will go perfectly with the sweet taste of the pumpkin soup. An interesting combination for a good healthy fall dish surrounded by people you love!

Pumpkin soup
Source: Recipetineats

3. Roasted Squash with Honey and Coriander + Chaï Black Tea Organic-Fair Trade

Firstly, in order to make this healthy fall recipe, you will need squash, butter, honey, coriander seeds and pumpkin. It's a meal that your guests will remember for a long time! The coriander and pumpkin seeds will enhance the taste of the roasted squash. Why not sip an excellent Chaï black tea Organic-Fair Trade with this dish? You will see that the black tea goes very well with a multitude of meals, including this one. This is another healthy fall recipe to add to your menu this fall!

Source: Ricardo cuisine

4. Gluten-Free Banana Bread + Apple Caramel Spice Black Tea Organic-Fair Trade

Afterwards, we suggest a homemade and gluten-free banana bread! It is hard to find something more comforting during the cold weather, isn't it? Made from bananas, eggs, gluten-free flour, vanilla and walnuts, this is a gluten-free, rich and tasty option! You will definitely fall in love after your first bite. Accompany this dish with a delicious Apple Caramel Spice Black Tea Organic-Fair Trade. A winning combination that you will want to recreate again and again at any time of the year!

Banana bread
Source: Minimalistbaker

5. Tomato Napoleon with a Chive Vinaigrette + Earl Grey black tea Organic/Fair Trade

Are you familiar with the tomato Napoleon recipe? In fact, it is the stacking of tomatoes and cheese, in the form of an irregular cascade, alternating colors. To prepare it, you will need 4 tomatoes in different colors, mozzarina cheese and baguette bread. Afterwards, to add flavor, you are recommended to make a vinaigrette with an olive oil base, chives, lemon juice, shallots and mustard. To go with this healthy fall recipe, try a a cup of Earl Grey black tea Organic/Fair Trade!

Tomato Napoleon
Source: Nutrition Montréal

6. Zucchini Pasta with a Pomodoro Sauce + Jade Oolong Tea

To conclude, here is a delicious Zucchini Pasta with a pomodoro sauce recipe. For its preparation, you will need zucchinis, to which you will add a sauce made from Roma tomatoes, onion soup, olive oil, fresh basil leaves, peeled garlic, salt and some ground black pepper. This is an excellent healthy alternative to replace your traditional pasta dish. Finally, to accompany this healthy fall dish, the Jade Oolong Tea would be a delicious choice. Once again, your guests will be delighted!

Zucchini Pasta
Source : Vitamix

Finally, it is hoped that these suggestions have allowed you to stock up on ideas for healthy fall recipes to accompany with tea. After all, because of its many benefits, it will greatly benefit you to incorporate tea into your daily diet. Now you only have to invite your loved ones over and create a warm atmosphere. Time is best spent in good company! On a cool fall evening, a hearty meal, your favorite tea and a board game, what do you think? It sounds pretty good to us!

Enjoy your meals and tea!