Most of the time, the majority of people do not take the time to enjoy a healthy snack because of their busy work schedule. In fact, we often become absorbed by tasks and forget the importance of eating well. Did you know that eating snacks regularly has many health benefits? Snacks provide you with energy, cut hunger between meals and increase the metabolism.

However, it may seem difficult to find healthy snack ideas to prepare. Why not combine useful and fun by meeting with friends to prepare snacks for the week to come? In this article, we offer 7 healthy snack ideas for your afternoon break.

Certainly, it will be difficult to make a choice among these winning combinations! We suggest you try them all.

Healthy Snack Ideas for All Your Afternoon Breaks

1. Monday: An Acai Bowl + Black Tea

Are you in search of a fresh flavor? Then this acai bowl is for you! A true food trend, this snack is made from fruits and acai powder. You will be charmed by the taste of acai, a small berry from Brazil. We recommend you taste this bowl with a cup of good black tea that will go rather well with its sweet taste. You can also enjoy this snack for breakfast, knowing it gives you an interesting dose of energy.

acai bowl
Source: The Roasted Root

2. Tuesday: Energy Balls + Rose Tea

The energy balls have interesting nutritional qualities. As its name would suggest, they provide you a significant amount of energy. In addition, they are very easy to make. Made with Earl Grey chocolate tea, its cocoa flavors will tempt your sweet tooth. This decadent snack will surely attract a curious look from your colleagues. Enjoy them with a succulent rose tea to soften the taste of the cocoa.

3. Wednesday: A Coconut and Cranberry Bar + Mango Herbal Tea

Often, unusual combinations of food can create the best flavors. Have you ever thought of mixing coconut and cranberries? This is what we offer in this coconut and cranberry tender bar as a snack. It will bring you a dose of optimal protein, which makes it possible to curb hunger between meals. This bar is exquisite and tasty, and goes perfectly with a delicious mango-flavored herbal tea.

Cranberry coco bars
Source: Averie Cooks

4. Thursday: A Vanilla Chia Pudding + Macchiato Herbal Tea

The pudding is a light snack, but has a good taste. We suggest a vanilla chia pudding, made mainly of coconut milk, yogurt and chia seeds. In addition, adding chia seeds is an interesting addition of fiber and protein to your diet. The sweet vanilla flavor of the pudding goes well with a macchiato herbal tea. This creates the perfect blend of a velvety and full-bodied taste. By any chance, is this making your mouth water?

Chia Pudding
Source: Ricardo

5. Friday: Granola Yogurt + Earl Gray Tea

Yogurt is the perfect snack when you are hungry between meals. By adding granola, made from oats, you will get an optimal intake of fiber and protein. Have fun by adding your favorite berries that will enhance your healthy snack. Accompany your yogurt with Earl Grey tea, made from rose petals, to enhance the taste. You can also enjoy this combination at breakfast. It's up to you to choose the right time for you!

Berry Yogurt
Source: Nourish

6. Saturday: Granola Ice Cream Squares + Mint Tea

To all ice cream lovers: this snack will melt your heart. We offer a granola ice cream squares snack to satisfy your next craving. These small squares are made from granola cereal, they will give you the energy to face your day. Have you thought of enjoying them with a good mint tea? Indeed, the taste of mint goes very well with vanilla. You can also make this recipe again and enjoy it in summer by the pool during the next heatwave.

Granola ice cream squares

7. Sunday: Almond, Cranberry Yogurt Bark + White Tea with Ginger

Are you crazy about yogurt, but are looking for new ways to incorporate it into your diet? In this case, opt for a yogurt bark with fruit and chia seeds . Made with yogurt, cranberries, almond and chia seeds, it is a sweet snack that will make everyone's mouth water. If you are feeling generous, why not prepare it for your friends? This snack goes perfectly with ginger white tea, which can also be enjoyed as an iced tea.

Almond Yogurt Bark
Source: Slim Sanity

Finally, we hope that these healthy snack ideas have made your mouth water. Keep in mind that it is important to stop to eat healthy snacks during your day since this brings many health benefits and they are also delicious.

Enjoy your snack! Or have a happy gourmet snack week!