Are you overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a type of green tea? As for black tea, white tea and other varieties, several variations are possible by adding aromas or other ingredients, which can make the decision a little more difficult.

The quality of the tea and your preferences greatly influence your final choice, but especially the experience you will have when drinking it. That's why it’s important to know how to choose green tea.

Make the Quality of the Tea a Priority

When it comes time to make a choice among all the different types of green teas that exist, the first crucial element is to check the quality of the tea. How can you know the quality of what you are buying? These Three tips can help you:

1. Where the tea is from,

2. Certifications,

3. The lifetime of the product.

1. Where Does your Green Tea Come from?

Like any food that grows naturally, the environment has a major impact on the quality of the product. A tea that grows close to an industrial area will not have the same quality as a tea grown in the natural mountains of China.

It is better to choose a green tea from a region far away from major urban centers like Shizuoka. This region of Japan produces tea by the tonne and more green tea than in the rest of the country. Moreover, to find a tasty green tea, the good regions are located in a high altitude like Sichuan in China.

Usually, the origin of the tea is on the packaging. You can find more information on the internet. If you buy your tea at a specialty store, it is possible to ask the personnel. Moreover, an excellent quality tea is worth the price as much for its taste as for its virtues.

2. Does it Have Organic and Free-Trade Certifications?

These two terms are more than just guarantees regarding the quality of the tea. These certifications ensure the quality and authenticity of the green tea you choose. A fair-trade tea does not just mean that the workers have been treated well, but also that the product has faced rigorous quality assurance testing . It also encourages the industry to care about the environment and fair work.

Moreover, a tea that is not organic can contain pesticides that can be harmful to your health. For those who drink a lot of tea, it can cause health problems in the long-term. So, the next time you choose your green tea, consider choosing the one that has an organic and / or a fair–trade certification.

3. What about its Freshness?

If taste is important when you drink tea, it is essential that you choose a fresh tea. Green tea is a very fragile type of tea that has a life span of about 12 months. This is why it is important to consume the tea within the recommended dates. A fresh green tea has a strong energizing fragrance.

How to Choose Green Tea Based on What you Want to Gain from Drinking it

Green tea alone offers an array of benefits and virtues that everyone can enjoy. On the other hand, there are many different types from the four corners of the world. From floral perfumes to adding fruits, sugar and even spices, it is easy to get lost if you don’t know what you are looking for. Do you drink green tea for its benefits or for its flavor?

Health Benefits

If you want a tea for its health benefits, choose a green tea with natural aromas that you can add ingredients to such as honey or other elements.

Did you know that green tea is :

• A powerful natural antioxidant;

• An excellent drink to lose weight;

• An effective way to reduce bad cholesterol;

• An anti-inflammatory drug;

• And more?

A Delightful Taste with Every Sip

If you are the type of person who prefers flavor, go with scented green teas. There are aromas of jasmine, chocolate and even citrus, there is a flavour for everyone to enjoy. For example, at Four O'Clock, we offer 25 different kinds of green tea. These tasty drinks are an excellent choice to serve when you have guests over.

Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bag?

It is recommended to choose loose leaf green tea instead of Green Tea in a tea bag. The reason being that the bigger leaves offer more flavour, but above all, it is a better quality of tea. It is also easier to make a perfect infusion with loose leaf tea, because you will have the right ratio between water and the amount of tea.

Finally, it is important to taste the tea to determine whether it is the way you like it or not. A quality and fresh green tea is energizing, tasty and very fragrant. The leaves should be green with a certain brightness to them, but this is not a reliable indicator of an excellent quality of green tea. Whether you like it for its virtues or just to drink for fun, green tea is a must have at home, especially if you know how to choose a good green tea.