Your nose is running, you have a fever, a small and a big headache here and there. These are symptoms that we all know all too well. Depending on how bad the cold is, some take a sick day and others decide to take a chance outside. I think everyone is on the same page when it comes to a cold, it is not a fun thing to catch and it can be very discouraging when you catch one.

There are about ten different medications at the pharmacy that can cure the common cold. However, did you know that there is a cheaper, more efficient and all-natural way to cure the common cold? Discover how to cure a cold with herbal tea !

First Let's Go over the Difference Between a Cold and the Flu

There is a very big difference between a cold and the flu (the influenza virus). Although the symptoms are similar, the severity is quite different. In fact, a flu is usually accompanied by a very strong sudden fever (38 ℃ to 40 ℃) whereas with a cold there is no fever. In addition, the flu is often accompanied by nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue and sometimes very intense muscle pain.

A cold is also a respiratory virus. However, 200 kinds of viruses can cause a cold. A small cold can be easily cured with herbal tea for example.

A bad influenza can sometimes be fatal for people with health problems and in extreme cases some require immediate medical attention.

The Main Active Ingredients in Herbal Tea that Cure a Cold

Ginger: An effective antiseptic, it allows among other things to unblock the airways.


Thyme: Used for hundreds of years, thyme is also a powerful antiseptic that helps relieve and cure sore throats and infections.


Lemon: Its high content of vitamin C and its aseptic properties make it one of the best ingredients against the common cold, especially when used with the ingredients below.


Honey: Composed of antioxidants, honey is also an antiseptic to relieve a sore throat caused by coughing.


Peppermint: Often used to effectively reduce migraines, vomiting and nausea.


Eucalyptus: The famous koala leaf is very effective in treating inflammation of the respiratory tract and relieves rheumatic pain.


How Can you Cure your cold Effectively?

What is really interesting with herbal teas is that they often include many of the ingredients listed above. Moreover, the different floral and citrus flavors complement the tea very well which creates a cup with a delightful taste, filled with healing properties .

A herbal tea is an infusion to extract all the medicinal benefits of its ingredients. For example, a herbal tea for a cold could contain ginger, thyme and eucalyptus at the same time. As you may have noticed, each of these ingredients contains effective properties against the cold viruses. It can therefore reduce and even get rid of the following symptoms:

  • Sore throat;
  • Runny nose;
  • Migraines;
  • Nausea;
  • Moderate cough;
  • And more!

By incorporating several plants, roots, leaves and herbs, a herbal tea can help you fight the common cold and help you stay healthy. In addition, it will serve as a preventive medication when you feel the first symptoms coming on.

As a cold may last a few days, it is recommended to have a small care "kit". You should have herbal tea in your kit that relieves a sore throat. Indeed, it is one of the unpleasant symptoms associate with a cold right up there with a runny nose. A decongestant tea is also very important to clear the airways. Finally, have a daytime and nighttime herbal tea on hand. These teas will help you get through your day and make everything a little better.

Recommendations for a Cold

In order to minimize the effects of a cold, you should act as soon as possible. By identifying the symptoms of a sore throat or runny nose coming on, you will be able to intervene in time.

Another tip is to drink plenty of water even when you are drinking herbal tea. Some infusions have a diuretic effect which increases urinary activity. That's why we have to make sure there is always a balance within the body.

Finally, garlic and onions are very good foods to fight the common cold and a healthy diet with a lot of vitamin C will definitely help. In fact, a healthy diet is important to reduce the frequency and intensity of the virus.

What family cures have you used to cope with these symptoms?