Getting through the holiday season is one thing, but cleansing our body afterwards is another. This time of year many of us feel the need to detox after the holidays. Indeed, it is the perfect time to set goals for ourselves and try to change our bad habits in order to improve our health.

Many of us go a little overboard on the food and drinks during the holiday season. Even though most of the time it isn’t physically apparent, your body needs to cleanse itself in order to get back to a more “normal” rhythm. This is why the toxins accumulated over the holidays must be evacuated and eliminated quickly.

But where should we start?

Resist Temptation

Is your fridge overflowing with holiday leftovers? It’s easy to be tempted by a piece of pie here or some paté there. However, this doesn’t help our body to release toxins. On the contrary, you are simply adding more. Without wasting food, try to spread out your meals and reduce your portions. Put your leftovers in the freezer and only eat when you’re hungry!

This way you will reduce your chances of picking up any bad habits during the holiday season.

Find Your Detox Method

Several detox methods exist to help you rebalance your system. Have you ever asked yourself why it is important to do one? The answer is simple: the excess food and drink we consume during the holiday season often surpass the body’s natural detox capacity. As a result, it takes us much longer to evacuate the accumulated toxins.

Detox Diet

This method is very popular if you had a too many cocktails during the holidays. It will help to detoxify your body, but especially your liver. This organ is the “filter” that eliminates a large portion of the toxins, helps us digest fats, and cleans our blood. A detox diet is not a sustainable way of eating, but rather a quick and effective way of cleansing your system. This is why it does not last very long. The detox diet must be done at least 4 days per week. It is composed of detoxifying foods that help our system to start up again; black radishes and artichokes are included on this list. However, lemons are one of the most efficient ingredients for this type of cure.

You can consume these types of foods in juices, salads, and even herbal teas, where you will find several more healthy ingredients that are beneficial to our body and help with digestion.

Healthy Eating

Another good way to start the year off on the right foot is to change our eating habits. Indeed, a good diet is at the heart of a healthy and active lifestyle. It is also the best option to eliminate toxins more easily long term.

Making the right food choices, opting for foods that are nutrient dense, and watching what we eat can seem like a radical change. However, these habits reduce the risk of illness, strengthen the immune system, and help us to stay healthy for much longer.

It is a good idea to prioritize fruits and vegetables, and to eat as many as possible. We should also avoid fats, processed foods, red meat, and artificial sweeteners. It is the perfect time to sort through your fridge!


Even though exercise can be considered a detox method in itself, it is also a great complement to the methods mentioned above. Burning calories while eating a healthy diet is one of the best ways to detox after the holidays.

You don’t know where to start? Avoid high intensity exercise sessions. We should prioritize exercise sessions with intervals between each exercise. For example, for every 15 seconds of intensity we should rest for 20 seconds. In this way, a 10 minute session can be as efficient for our body as a 30 minute session.

The main reason exercise is great for detoxifying is the sweat. It may surprise you to know that a large portion of toxins can be found in our skin. There is therefore nothing better than being hot and sweaty to evacuate them.

Ideally, we should try to combine all three of these detox techniques…However, if you are new to detoxing it could be more prudent to take it slow and integrate one method at a time into your routine.

What about fasting?

Even though certain people consider fasting to be an excellent way to bounce back from the holiday season, it is a very drastic approach that will not allow your body to eliminate the accumulated toxins. Furthermore, it will have a dramatic impact on your energy levels and will not help your body to improve itself.

Finally, starting a detox after the holidays is also the perfect time to try to change any number of bad habits. This is why we should take the time to educate ourselves on the healthy living habits we should integrate into our lifestyle.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to detox your system?