At the end of the autumn season, nothing is more pleasant than a good comforting beverage. Indeed, it is the ideal opportunity to organize an evening with friends and enjoy a good cup of tea. Are you a tea amateur looking for a way to impress your guests? We thought of you, since we will show you how to make a tea latte and reinvent your classic teas. Something tells us that with these 5 easy steps, you will become the go to person for making tea lattes in your circle of friends!

A Delicious Latte in a Few Easy Steps

1. Select your Favorite Tea Latte Variant

Firstly, the first step is to choose your type of tea to make a tea latte. At this point, everything is a matter of preference. In order to guide you, here are some suggestions of variations on how to make a tea latte that we particularly like and that are worth trying.

The Classic Chai Tea Latte

Are you familiar with chai tea? In fact, it is a tea made from a mixture of Indian spices. We recommend you to choose this tea as a latte base. Certainly, it's impossible to go wrong with a delicious chai tea. It is a sure thing that will make everyone in your entourage happy.

Classique Latte
Source: The Spruce

The London Fog

We love the London Fog, made with hot milk, vanilla and Black Earl Gray Tea by Four O'Clock. This type of tea is particularly versatile, since it can adapt to every season. If you are a black tea lover, you will certainly not be disappointed!

London Fog
Source: Natrel

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Green tea is known for its many benefits. Drinking it in latte is therefore ideal in order to integrate it into your diet! As for the Matcha, it is a powder made from green tea leaves. It's even more delicious in the form of a latte and we bet your guests will love it too!

Latté Matcha
Source: Nutrition Stripped

A Turmeric Latte

Have you ever heard of Turmeric? In fact, it is a root from a plant of Asian origin with beneficial virtues. Turmeric powder has a peppered flavor and is one of the main ingredients of curry. We suggest you to create a delicious latte based on this aroma. Its rich and creamy taste will charm you from your first sip. By any chance, do you want to make a tea latte?

Source: Kale and chocolate

2. Boil the Water and Let Your Tea Infuse

Once you have chosen your tea, it's time to put the tea bag or loose leaf tea in your favorite cup. Add boiling water to the tea to infuse your tea. You are advised to let it steep for three minutes in order to obtain a pronounced taste.

3. Heat and Froth the milk

Then, depending on your preference, you can heat your milk on the stove or in the microwave. Ideally, the milk should have steam. For a creamy taste, you could froth the milk with a mousser that you can put aside to use for the next step.

4. Pour the Milk and Add the Foam

At this point, the goal is to add hot milk to your previously prepared tea, try not to let the foam mix in with the mixture. Indeed, the foam is reserved for the top of your latte as a finishing touch. We bet you will be immediately charmed by this blend of your favorite tea and hot milk!

5. Enhance your Tea Latte with a Personal Touch

Once your lattes are ready, you just have to choose the ingredients to add your personal touch. For example, you may decide to replace your usual milk with soy milk or vanilla almond milk. Then, for maximum flavor, it is possible to complete the whole with ingredients for a finishing touch, according to your preferences. You could add honey, vanilla extract, cinnamon or whipped cream. Let your creativity soar!

There you go! All you have to do is organize a small get together with friends and make tea lattes. Why not try to make several different kinds of lattes, to have something for everyone? Your friends will certainly love this nice touch. Moreover, if your guests are feeling a little hungry, this is the perfect opportunity to serve them some snacks to go with their tea latte.

We hope that these tips on how to make a tea latte will help enhance your upcoming fall evenings.

On this note, enjoy your latte!