Many have already heard about food and wine pairings. However, have you ever heard of food and tea pairings? This is a trend that is gaining popularity among lovers of this comforting drink! Just like wine, there are teas and herbal teas that are particularly suitable for certain foods. After reading this article, you should have mastered the basics of this culinary art!

Food and Tea Pairings: A Real Art!

Firstly, the food and tea pairing is based on the dynamics of the flavors and aromas in order to choose the tea to drink with a meal. Some teas enhance the flavors of certain foods. If you want to fully enjoy a dish you like, you could opt for a tea with a more neutral taste. Did you know that there are receptors on the tongue and in our brain that would detect distinct tastes? Indeed, the five basic tastes are sweet, salty, bitter, acidity and umami (tasty). Considering the complexity of the taste process, here is one more reason to inform you about food and tea pairing!

What is a Tea Sommelier?

Like a wine sommelier, the tea sommelier analyzes tea, prepares it and tastes it. To become a tea sommelier, you have to have a real passion for this drink. You should also be able to notice some tastes that are sometimes less pronounced. There are even several tools to make the work of a sommelier easier, including the tea flavor wheel, the decanter, the tea bowl, the spoon and the spittoon, just to name a few.

Suggestions of Pairing with Black Teas

Most black teas come from India, China and Sri Lanka. Their pronounced taste is explained above all by their hardened and completely oxidized leaves. There are a multitude of types and aromas of black teas that can satisfy your desires of the moment.

Black tea has some components that go well with sweet potatoes, strawberries, pears, eggplant and zucchini. If your favorite recipe contains one of these foods as your main ingredient, this is the perfect opportunity to pair it with your favorite tea! And why not try a new recipe, if your heart tells you to?

Source: Blog Food Pairing

Suggestions of Pairing with Green Tea

For its part, just like black tea, green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis and is a very popular drink. Whether for its good taste or for its remarkable health benefits, you would benefit from integrating this beverage into your daily life. There are a multitude of variations, from organic Sencha green tea to organic mint green tea.

To accompany your green tea, several foods are preferred to obtain a maximum flavor. Among them, lemongrass, ginger, saffron, apple and pineapple which harmonize particularly well. In addition, apricot, tomato, artichoke, cashews, anchovies, bacon and rum are known for their ability to blend with the taste of green tea. What are you waiting for before you concoct a pairing of dishes and teas worthy of the greatest sommeliers? Invite your guests over, then you're done!

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In light of these recommendations, keep in mind that several factors influence the tea's flavor. Be sure to always check the optimal infusion time on the package. By following our advice, you will have everything to succeed in your food and tea pairing. For your enjoyment, we hope you will be able to experiment with these combinations soon!