Back to school is a time of the year when many students are enthusiastic about seeing their school friends. Indeed, after the summer, it is always nice to catch up with people we care about by sharing summer stories. However, you must inevitably get back into the daily routine and a more regular schedule. For many, going back to school can become a source of stress, since they can already foresee all the work and exams that are to come in the upcoming school year. So we thought of proposing 8 items to put on your list to stay zen for the back to school season. We promise you that these items will make your return to school more enjoyable!

1. Candles with Soothing Fragrances

When you are nervous, it is important to do activities that allow you to get rid of stress. In this sense, why not take a warm bath with lit candles? Not only will this allow you to relax your muscles, but also to have some quality down time. Get candles that will calm you with their soothing fragrance, like a lavender candle, for example. You will definitely feel rested from this relaxation session, which is a great way to stay Zen for the back to school season.

Bougies apaisantes

2. A Captivating Novel

To stay zen, it can be a good idea to take a break during your day to read a good novel. Undoubtedly, reading allows you to escape from everyday life by putting yourself in the shoes of the fictional characters. Currently, there is an array of a new novel with an entertaining narrative, from autobiographies to fantasy fiction. Get yourself a new novel with an entertaining narrative. You will then be able to escape from the stress of daily life just in time for the back to school Season.

Roman captivant

3. Tea or Herbal Tea

Tea and herbal teas are the beverages par excellence to enjoy when you go through a more stressful period. Wondering why? In fact, they have many soothing virtues that will greatly benefit you. There are many flavors on the market, but we suggest you try our delicious Chamomile Herbal Tea or Relax-Plus Herbal Tea. You will instantly feel comforted by their warm side. However, if you want to replenish your energy during a more challenging morning, enjoy a cup of our delicious Four O'Clock Energy Tea. It will reinvigorate you from your first sip, it is guaranteed. So you will be at your best to face this new school year!

4. Essential Oils

Are you familiar with aromatherapy? In fact, it refers to the benefits of using essential oils. Commonly, an essential oil is a concentrated aromatic from plants diluted in a base of vegetable oil or alcohol. Applied on the skin, it can reduce the symptoms of depression, dementia, hair loss and treating insomnia. It is also possible to use an essential oil diffuser to spread aromas in a room. Anyway, it may be worthwhile to get some essential oils to stay zen before going back to school.

Huiles essentielles
Source: 5 sens yoga

5. A Coloring Book

Do you remember the coloring books you used to color when you were a child? There was creative freedom behind the idea of coloring for fun, without restrictions. We think you will find this activity fun for the back to school season. On the market there are a multitude of drawing notebooks for children and adults. The Mandala notebooks are particularly well-known for their spiritual aspect. When you draw, you focus on this soothing activity and relax your mind. This is definitely an ideal zen object combined with creativity and relaxation for the back to school season!

Cahier à dessiner
Source: Alisa Burke

6. A Nice Notebook

In order to put your thoughts in order, you should get a nice notebook, allowing you to write down your feelings, like a diary. This activity could be very therapeutic if you are experiencing a stressful period. When you feel anxious, it is very important to get out the emotions you feel. Writing is therefore an excellent way to achieve it. You will definitely be amused when you reread your journal in a few years!

Cahier de notes

7. A New Agenda

Going back to school and good organizational skills go hand in hand! Often your apprehension about going back to school comes from the fear of not being able to handle all the tasks that will accumulate in the coming weeks. Consequently, get a nice agenda that will put your schedule in order. Simply writing down your thousand and one activities will make you less anxious. After all, taking the time to get organized can make all the difference.

Nouvel agenda

8. A Nice travel cup

In order to bring your favorite tea to school, you need a travel cup that will not only be practical, but also pretty! Opt for an isothermal bottle that will keep your tea warm. In addition, you are advised to bring a bottle with a removable infuser, which will facilitate the preparation of your tea. If you are a tea lover, this is an essential object, to help you to stay zen during the back to school season. It's also the perfect accessory to slip into your school bag!

Tasse de transport
Source: Tumblr @ Be Handpicked

And now you know the 8 items to put on your list to say zen for the back to school season. Whatever your interests, you will find at least one thing on this list that will help you during this crucial period.

On this note, happy back to school season!