On the market, tea lovers face a multitude of alternatives in teas and herbal teas. Indeed, there are many variants, each having their own virtues and nuances in taste. The most curious people love discovering new kinds of tea that they have never tasted and we understand why!

When choosing a tea, based on type rather than taste, there are several factors that are relevant to the selection. Tea can be bought in a few different ways, normal tea bags, loose leaf tea and in pyramid tea bags.

When there are so many options, you are probably wondering if there is a real difference between choosing loose leaf tea or opting for tea bags. Want to know the answer? That's a good thing, because that's exactly what this article is about!

1. Tea Bags

First of all, the most conventional way to buy tea is in tea bags. In fact, the tea bag is used to infuse its contents in hot water while holding the tea leaves. As mentioned in our article; Sommelier Tips: How to taste tea ?, it is better to place the tea bag at the bottom of the tea cup before pouring the hot water over it, this reduces the air and therefore optimizes the infusion process.

Often decorated with a small string, some people like the practical side of tea bags. Since the quantity of tea in the tea bag is predetermined, you only have to remove the bag from the cup of hot water to taste the tea. Many tea lovers choose to consume their tea this way because it's simple.

It is important to remember that tea in bags is not of lower quality, but that it was created in order to make life easier. So when you are in a hurry, it may be faster to choose this option!

thé en sachets

2. Loose Leaf tea

Loose leaf tea, commonly called bulk tea, has its own unique characteristics. Enthusiasts of this type of tea say that this alternative ensures the conservation of the natural flavors of the product. Since the leaves are large and complete, they contain more flavor due to their natural oils.

In addition, the preparation of the loose leaf tea requires the use of an infuser. As Annedia Bergeron, the Quality Control Coordinator at Four O'Clock, noted, the appearance, color, fragrance of the leaves and the tasting of the tea after the brewing, make it possible to know whether or not the loose leaf tea is of good quality.

Some people also appreciate its ecological side, since no paper is used to create small tea bags and individual packages.

Moreover, as the tea is initially gathered in leaves, it respects its original composition. Ideally, tea should evaporate as many nutrients as possible. With a tea bag, the antioxidants sometimes get stuck in the bag. That's why loose leaf tea allows you to benefit from a better antioxidant intake.

Do you want to try loose leaf tea?

thé en feuilles

3. Tea in pyramid tea bags

As for the pyramid tea bags, they have been specially designed to prepare tea in the most efficient way possible. This innovation maximizes the ideal water flow for tea infusion. Often made of nylon, these small pyramids are dotted with holes a little wider than on conventional bags. Thus, there is more room for the tea leaves to come into contact with the hot water.

These tea bags therefore offer the chance to discover the incomparable aroma of whole tea leaves while having the practical side. The pyramid tea bags allow the leaves to flourish fully, allowing the water to circulate freely inside the tea bag. This is also what allows the water to absorb the tea in order to get a more pronounced taste.

Like traditional tea bags, many love the simplicity of the pyramid tea bags, since the amount of tea is predetermined. So there is no need to start calculating the amount of tea to put in an infuser. It's already done for you!

thé pyramidal

Finally, each of these techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you prefer tea in regular tea bags, loose leaf tea or in pyramid tea bags, it is important to understand what distinguishes them. Now, it's up to you to decide if you prefer what's easier, or the concentration of the tea flavors in your cup!

Whatever your choice, you are now a true connoisseur and can advise your friends on the solution that best suits their needs. Something tells us that they will be happy to learn more about their favorite beverage!

And you, what alternative will you choose?