Who says the holiday season, says hearty meals, cocktails and parties. Although this time of the year is very popular, many are eager to get back into the rhythm of daily life. Once these activities are over, it is good to get back into healthy habits. Do you want to purify your body and mind after this period of excess food? In this article, we will explain what organic infusions are perfect after the holidays ... You can't resist!

The Benefits of Tea and its Ingredients for a Body Detox

Before even wondering about the detox benefits of organic infusions for the body, it is important to understand this term. By detox, we mean that the drink has purifying attributes for the body. According to the Canadian Tea Association, teas and herbal teas will destroy some of the toxins and oxidants in your body that cause many diseases and cancers. This pronounced antioxidant intake would help, among other things, to reduce cholesterol levels.

By the way, did you know that dandelion rootsare also recognized for their notable virtues to detoxify the body? After all, there are many teas and herbal teas made from this plant! Among its benefits, it would clean the body by fighting against liver and gall bladder disorders. In addition, the dandelion has purifying properties, meaning it helps to rid the body of some waste and toxins. From a food perspective, these are interesting facts to consider in the coming year!

Tea benefits

Why Focus on Organic Infusions?

Subsequently, you should favor organic infusions because of there are many benefits. By making the decision to consume organic teas and herbal teas, you make a responsible choice, both in terms of your personal health and the environment. As its name indicates, for a tea to qualify as organic, it must have been grown on a certified organic plantation. To do this, it must not have undergone any chemical treatment, while conventional agricultural plantations are often grown with artificial fertilizers. These would include several elements that are harmful to your health and the environment. By purchasing organic teas and herbal teas, you are contributing in your own way to the preservation of tea plantation areas. You also avoid exposing your body to the harmful effects of certain chemical fertilizers. In this perspective, it may be beneficial to focus on organic infusions this year. Why not adopt this new initiative in a group and raise awareness around you?

Organic infusions

Some Ideas of Organic Infusions to Try

When talking about organic infusions, there is a wide variety of beverages to explore. If you like a refreshing taste, you could try a delicious Refreshing Mint Tea. If you prefer fruity flavors, why not treat yourself to a cup of Apricot Passion Fruit Rooibos Organic or a Tropical Mango Green Tea Organic-Fair Trade? Anyway, you will be able to find an organic infusion according to your preferences, we assure you!

How to Integrate it into your Daily Life this Year?

In the Morning

If you want to incorporate organic infusions into your daily life this year, you could start your day off right by sipping a good herbal tea. Indeed, these allow you to benefit from more energy when you feel tired. At the beginning of the day, you are able to perceive all the subtleties of tea. So you could opt for a delicious Organic Earl Grey Tea for its comforting virtues. This goes great with a healthy breakfast.

In the morning

In the Afternoon

Sometimes, at work, it may seem hard to concentrate after eating a lot at lunch. This is the perfect opportunity to relax during your busy day. To regain the motivation you need to face the afternoon, serve yourself a cup of excellent White Chaï tea Organic-Fair Trade. Both tasty and organic, you will not be disappointed to have been granted this well deserved break!


In the Evening

Before going to bed, it is important to relax to promote a restful sleep. If you have trouble emptying your mind, simply enjoying a hot drink, such as an organic herbal tea, may be beneficial. We suggest you to prepare a Peaceful Dreams herbal tea Organic-Fair Trade. You will certainly discover new organic infusions!

En soirée

To conclude, we hope you now have the information you need to fully enjoy organic infusions. There are several teas and herbal teas that will make you feel like you have found your daily rhythm, not only after the holidays, but throughout the year. Hard to find a better match!

On this note, we wish you a healthy start to the new year!