March is the time when many students will be on vacation for a week. Some will travel, others will remain in the country. However, there are so many activities to do during spring break that it would be disappointing not to take advantage of your vacation. Discover 9 interesting activities to do with friends or family!

1.Going Water Sliding in Winter

We all love water slides. However, normally we can only enjoy them in the summer due to the weather conditions in winter or in other seasons. Fortunately, there are indoor water parks that are open year-round, such as the Bora Parc in Valcartier, Quebec, the Waves Indoor Waterpark in Ontario or the World Waterpark in Alberta. It is an excellent activity to do during your holidays or with the children. To rekindle the warmth of the tropics when it's minus 20 degrees Celsius outside or when it won't stop raining, there is nothing better than a tropical mango green tea.

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2. A Relaxing Spa Day

If you are stressed by exams or work, a full day at the spa is an activity to do during spring break. You will recover lost energy to finish projects and homework. The spa is also a great activity to do with your friends. So do not hesitate to book a spa day so everyone can relax and let go of stress and anxiety. And if your on a tight budget, it's easy to create spa treatments to have a spa day at home. After, you can enjoy a chamomile herbal tea with your favorite book.

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3. The Zoo is for Everyone

Did you know that there are zoos that are open year round? For example, at the Granby Zoo in Quebec or the Toronto Zoo in Ontario. It is possible to see all kinds of animals in the wonderful zoo environment. Educational activities are offered for the whole family. If you prefer the marine world there are also several aquariums you can visit such as the Quebec Aquarium or the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Ontario which are also thrilling places to visit. More than 10,000 species live there for all ages to enjoy. Drink a cup of espresso chai in the morning before leaving to be energized all day.

4. Learn to Ski and Snowboard

Want to try skiing or snowboarding? Spring Break is an ideal time for beginners. Try your best to head down the slopes with friends or family . The most passionate skiers would suggest these three mountains: Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia and Blue Mountain in Ontario. It isn't necessary to buy all the equipment for the occasion. Most Ski resorts rent all the equipment on site. After your day, enjoy a good cup of spicy chocolate tea.

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5. Get Better at Cooking with Cooking Classes

An activity to do during spring break is to attend that cooking class that has tempted you for a long time. Whether you are a beginner or a little more experienced, there are classes for everyone, all ages and above all for all levels. So, roll up your sleeves and dig in to the culinary world by yourself or with friends. Here are a few places that offer classes: the Ateliers & Saveurs Studios which are located in the Montreal and Quebec area, Dirty Apron in Vancouver or The Edible Story in Ontario. If you can, bring a few energy tea bags to stay focused so you don't miss anything or to make sure you don't cut your finger.

6. The Sugar Shack, for Everyone with a Sweet Tooth

Spring break is also the beginning of sugar shacks, especially in Quebec. You also have the choice to choose from dozens of places to go to sweeten your spring break. It is also a great opportunity to go for a horse-drawn carriage ride or to go tobogganing. Although it is early in the year, sugar shacks still have good reserves to start the season off well. To get ahead, try a maple black tea.

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7. A Series or Films Marathon

Many of you will prefer to stay home now that you have time to catch up on your sleep. So this is the perfect time to do a series marathon with a loved one or a group of friends, whether it's on Netflix or any other online video streaming provider. There is something for everyone: a police series, drama series, a comedy, or a documentary, etc. In order to fall asleep after so many hours in front of a screen, a peaceful dreams tea would be a good choice.


8. Indoor Camping

You're not the type that enjoys the cold of winter, let alone trying winter camping, why not try it indoors with your little family? Several options are available:

• Have a trendy teepee for children (and for you too);

• Mount your tent in the living room (if it’s not too big, of course);

• Build a hut with cushions and blankets on your couch (like when you were little).

Once in place, it's time to plan your activities:

• Watch movies with popcorn,

• Tell scary stories with a flashlight for the full effect,

• Make Smore's as if you were around a campfire,

• Play board games like the werewolves of Millers Hollow or Yathzee,

• Etc.

Enhance your evening with a hot decadent green tea!

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9. Museums

For some people, museums are the inanimate reflection of ancient civilizations that have lived through time. It is also a souvenir,a memory, even a historical narrative of the people who have forged our modern society. If you are an amateur of history and real stories, museums are definitely an activity to do during spring break. Also, if you are passionate about Japanese history, start your day off with a green tea with jasmine and lotus flower.

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Finally, Spring Break is also a time to relax and unwind. There is no harm in sitting comfortably, reading a book and drinking your favorite tea without worrying about anything. What are your favorite activities to do during Spring Break?