Adopting healthy habits is something many people aim to achieve. On social media, a great number of influencers share their health tricks with their followers. When you’re overloaded with so much information, it can be difficult to make a well-considered decision! We are sharing with you a few simple and effective tips to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Who knows, maybe you’ll start sharing these tips yourself, with your online community… A helping hand is always appreciated!

How Can You Adopt Healthy Habits?

1. Plan Your Meals

You’d like to eat in a healthier way, but feel like you don’t have time to make elaborate meals? It is completely normal if you don’t know what to cook after a long day at work! To avoid being discouraged, reserve a day during your week, the weekend perhaps, to plan your meals and lunches for the week to come. You’ll be able to create a varied menu that contains nutriments your body needs. And it will be simpler for you to shop at the grocery store depending on the meals you plan on making. More and more people prep their meals and share their foodie posts on social media. Will you do the same?

Meal preparation

2. Learn to Manage Your Stress

Stress is an integral part of your daily life. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by work, school, or other responsibilities. To fix this, put into place techniques to manage your anxiety! Many teas and tisanes can distress you when you are feeling anxious. Amongst these, the Relax-plus tisanes, Chamomile and Passion flower & Valerian teas are both delicious and beneficial. Also, meditation and yoga are also activities you can practise to clear your mind. You will be happily surprised if you try one of these activities!

Manage stress

3. Keep a Positive Outlook on Life

Positive thinking plays a crucial role when adopting healthy habits. We are sometimes too hard on ourselves, telling ourselves we are incapable of doing something without trying it first. If you see every effort like a step to progression, you will feel motivated to attain your goals. Keep in mind that the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself, since it lasts your whole life… It’s best if you keep it positive!


4. Be Realistic When You Fix Yourself Goals

In the moment, it is tempting to fix yourself spectacular goals to have healthy habits. On the other hand, in the long term, this can become a source of stress. For example, if you tell yourself you will run a marathon next month but you’ve never trained for one, this would be an unreasonable challenge. To help you, make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed. You’ll have everything you need to succeed!

Realistic goals

5. Favour a Balanced Schedule

We often under estimate the impact sleep has on our state of mind. Yet, who’s ever felt really good after a great night of sleep? The National Sleep Foundation suggests you sleep 7 to 9 hours per night to feel rested the next day. If you suffer from insomnia, drink a delicious Good Night herbal tea before going to bed. For a balanced schedule, avoid collapsing under too much pressure or work. Keep special alone moments for yourself so you can devote some time to your favourite activities that make you happy!

Balanced schedule

6. Hydrate Yourself Frequently

Have you ever had a persistent headache without knowing where it came from? If you haven’t drunk water in a while, it’s probably your body sending you a message: it is time to hydrate yourself! Don’t hesitate to bring with you a pretty water bottle or tumbler that contains fresh water, your favourite tea or a delicious cold tisane. Tea amateurs won’t have any difficulties adapting this healthy habit!

Hydrate frequently

7. Drink Tea and Herbals Teas for Their Health Benefits

The reputation of the benefits of teas and tisanes aren’t unknown. To name just a few, these beverages give an optimal amount of antioxidants, they are favourable for a good digestion, and more! Why not plan yourself a tea break during your days and allow yourself an instant to relax? Your mind and body will thank you!


8. Schedule Weekly Time Slots to Practise Sports

For sports, like in all things, planning is essential. Reserve 2-3 moments during the week so you can practise a sport, whether it is a dance class, a run outisde or a training at the gym. This is a great healthy habit that will help you eliminate all the toxins from your body.

Schedule weekly time spots

To conclude, adopting healthy habits doesn’t have to be difficult! With some creativity, this path will make you grow and it will give you a sense of accomplishment. It is a long-term process, that, thanks to our sound advice, will be more pleasant for you. And why not include your friends in your effort? Motivation will come more easily!