Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to prepare the house for the change of the season. By planning it in advance, you will avoid it turning into a daunting chore.

Determine the logic you will follow. It is up to you to choose whether you are doing the spring cleaning one room at a time, or if you are applying tricks one after the other throughout the house. To ensure you don't get discouraged, here are 8 tips for a good spring cleaning.


Start the spring cleaning by storing your belongings.

1. Organize, Store and Donate

Take this time to sort out what you own and keep only what you need. By spreading out the contents of the drawers and cabinets in the room, you will be able to choose what you want to store, what you will store in a storage space, what you want to sell and what you prefer to give away. Before storing everything, wash out your drawers and cabinets thoroughly. Have the winter clothes cleaned before storing them, and put aside the clothes you want to sell or give away.


For the living room and the game room, sort out books, movies and toys by removing anything that is no longer useful. Make some donations to the local support center or organize a sale.

2. Read the Expiration Dates

Do the same for the bathroom by getting rid of all the empty bottles, old toothbrushes and worn towels (turn them into rags for the spring cleaning!). Sort the contents of your pharmacy by removing the out-of-date medication - make sure to keep them out of the children's reach before bringing them to your pharmacist who can dispose of them safely.


3. Use Storage Bins

Tackle the kitchen by daring to empty the fridge and all the contents of each kitchen cabinet. Get rid of all the out-of-date products and the ones that are no longer fresh. Clean all the shelves thoroughly. Do not waste your energy on stubborn stains: leave some of the cleaning product on the stain for a bit and come back to it later. Use this time to start storing items in small storage baskets or bins- for example, you can store your tea in a specially designed tea storage chest to maintain its flavor.



4. Start From the Edges of the Room

Once the storage is done, start by first cleaning the edges of the room by vacuuming or using a sponge mop. Scrub the walls, moldings and ceiling.

Remove the curtains from the windows and wash them on the delicate cycle of your washing machine or bring them to a specialist - be sure to remove the hooks! Before putting the curtains back up, clean the windows, the window screens and rails where mold may accumulate. This would be a good time to install your air conditioning unit.


5. Clean with Logic

It is best to then proceed from the ceiling to the floor. Clean the light fixtures, fans, switches and outlets first - be careful there is a risk of getting an electric shock, be sure to use a dry cloth.

Finish with the floors. After having washed the wooden floors well, give them a waxing or put oil on them. Refresh carpets by shampooing them, you can rent a machine or entrust the task to a professional.

6. Choose Green Products

The house can be cleaned in an environmentally friendly way. Mix 15 ml of baking soda with 15 ml of white vinegar and a little lemon juice in 2 liters of water for an effective natural cleaner that is safe for children and pets. Consider changing your bucket water regularly.

For carpets and mattresses, sprinkle them with baking soda, you should leave it on for an hour before vacuuming.

Finally, open large windows to create a circulation of air in the house. The sweet scent of spring air will come into your home.

The Final Touch

7. Fix the Imperfections

Take this opportunity to do some paint touch-ups on the walls or moldings, and to repair what needs to be fixed in the house.

8. Change the Decor of Your Home

Put up a few new frames, then enhance the ambience of the rooms with bouquets of fresh flowers or pretty plants.


Once the spring cleaning is done, be sure to plan one last very important task: the well deserved break! Gather your crew for a meal to share, or relax with a good cup of tea. Take this time to enjoy your new home all ready for the new season! Happy spring!