With the start of the winter season, there is nothing better than relaxing by the fire or curling up in bed to help us survive the cold weather. Another good way to stay warm is delicious hot drinks: coffee or hot chocolate for example. However, tea is also a good option that is both comforting and an excellent way to stay warm with winter knocking on our doors.

Discover 7 winter teas to enjoy alone or with guests during the cold season!

1. A Chocolaty Dessert to Enjoy Anytime During the Day

Chocolate lovers with a sweet tooth will thoroughly enjoy warming themselves up with a cup of Black Forest tea. This delicacy can be enjoyed at the time and place of your choosing. It is also delicious as a Latte to help recreate the dessert’s creamy texture.

Did you know that the name “Black Forest” comes from the region of the same name in Germany? Schwarzwälder kirschtorte is this cake’s original name and its recipe can be traced back as far as the 16th century.


2. Carrot Cake to End a Good Meal

There is nothing more delicious than a big slice of carrot cake after a good meal. Contrary to the Black Forest, this tea offers a subtle sweetness and packs a big punch of flavour with its powerful and unique blend of spices. This winter tea is perfect to enjoy by the fire while watching a movie or reading a good book.


3. Persian Aromas in the Comfort of your Livingroom

Our white Apple/Pomegranate tea will provide comfort for everyone during the cold winter months. After spending time outdoors, there is nothing better than coming inside to a cup of this warm and aromatic tea. Its hints of hibiscus will add a bit of colour to your day.

4. Christmas in a Cup

When we think of gingerbread we also think of Christmas, festivities, and good times. Surviving the cold weather shouldn’t mean staying home alone. The Gingerbread winter tea is a great treat to share with family and friends.

This drink is both comforting and energising. It is the perfect tea to take with you to the cottage or to enjoy after a big day of playing in the snow.


5. A Welcoming Chai

A typical drink to enjoy on cold days, our white Chai tea is comforting and deliciously spiced. Winter is often associated with snow, cold temperatures, and short days. However, it shouldn’t be seen as something negative. The winter season allows us to ski, snowboard, sled, etc.

Embrace these winter sports and warm up with a delicious cup of our white Chai tea.

6. The Perfect Afternoon Snack

Subtle but delicious, our Mint and Chocolate herbal tea will enchant you with its balanced flavour. This tisane’s aromas will remind you of the little mint flavoured After Eight chocolates served around the holidays. Made with cocoa bark and peppermint, this hot drink will warm you up after a day of fun in the snow.

7. A Cure for Every Ailment

Finally, the winter season is the time of year when many of us get sick. A runny nose and a fever shouldn’t ruin your day. This is why there is an efficient remedy to help you quickly relieve cold and flu symptoms: the cold-fighting tea.

It is categorized as a tisane and is extremely efficient. Whether you are coughing, have a sore throat, a fever, or even insomnia, there is a tisane for you.

The cold season can seem depressing and boring. However, winter teas are here to help you get through it and create good memories.

What is your favourite tea to stay warm during the winter months?