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It's already back to school time! After a great summer vacation, many enjoy returning to a more regular rhythm of everyday life. Although it is busy, remember that the back to school period does not have to become a source of stress. We therefore have 6 back to school tips to help you face the new school year. With these great tips, we promise you that everything will go well!

Back to School Tips to Make it a Real Success

1. Be Active!


After the summer holidays, it is sometimes tempting to postpone getting back to your usual healthy lifestyle. However, this is the perfect time to include a sport in your schedule. This will allow you to get back into shape after a festive summer. Sporty activities will also help you to reduce stress. For example, yoga is a physical activity that can help you relax. If you enjoy more intense sports, crossfit may interest you. Just try several different sports to discover the ones that appeal to you the most!

To adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is important not to neglect healthy sleep habits. For this purpose, in adults, it is recommended to sleep between 7 and 8 hours per night. For teenagers, it is more between 9 to 10 hours. To determine what's right for you, look at your energy level according to your sleep patterns. Sleeping is essential for the human body. When you deprive yourself of it for too long, you quickly become exhausted. The more rested you are, the more energy you will have to make the transition to school go smoothly. For a restful sleep, we suggest you integrate a delicious relaxing herbal tea into your evening routine. It will certainly make you feel calm before going to bed!

2. Enjoy Creative Activities


Do you want to empty your mind before this new school year? Simply engaging in creative and artistic activities can be very beneficial. In this sense, we suggest you try various DIYs. Carried out at home, these activities will allow you to make something useful of which you will be proud. Among the options available to you, we suggest you make a homemade tea-based exfoliant or a chai tea based candle. If you are a foodie, you could opt for a lemon iced herbal tea, a Golden Milk iced latte or a tropical mango Bubble tea. We assure you that you will have a lot of fun making one of these homemade recipes. It's up to you to see which one inspires you the most!

3. Plan Time for Yourself

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, balance is key. Make sure you have enough time for yourself by scheduling time for you that fits in your busy schedule. Choose a time slot that will be reserved for an activity that makes you feel good. Everything is even more pleasant with a tea in hand! We suggest you try a jasmine and lotus flower green tea to fully enjoy this relaxing moment.

If you are a culture enthusiast, you will be happy to get back to your favourite fall shows. Watching a TV series is a good way to clear your mind. Why not opt for a sitcom? After all, laughter is good for your health! It reduces stress, improves the immune system and reduces the risk of depression.

If you tend to put yourself last, registering for a course is a great way to reserve a moment for yourself. You can also plan a recurring activity with a friend or your loved one. Just involving another person will help you stay more motivated, week after week!

4. Develop Organizational Tools

The back to school season usually means the return to school but also the return of a host of sports and leisure activities. Between ballet, karate, hockey, swimming, piano, kids' homework, bills to pay and books to return to the library, it's easy to forget something important. To make sure you don't miss any of each family member's activities, we suggest that you get yourself a family planning calendar. This tool will allow you to note the activities planned for the whole family as well as important dates to remember. You can even include your meal planning if you want. It is up to you to see which type of calendar will suit your needs, since it is possible to buy one or to create your own on an erasable board. You could also dedicate a place in your home to organization by creating a family command center to gather together everything related to planning!

5. Plan Meals in Advance


This question comes up every day, in every home.... Have you guessed it? Yes, the famous "what are we having for dinner?" question is a source of stress for many families. To prevent meal planning from becoming a real headache, plan your weekly meals in advance. Shop accordingly to avoid daily detours to the grocery store. This back to school tip will truly help you stay organized.

To simplify your morning routine, you should also be organized in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is important not to neglect it. If you are used to leaving in a hurry without taking time to eat breakfast, plan easy-to-carry meals such as a smoothie or overnight oats with you to work or school.

6. Take the Time to Appreciate Your Happy Holiday Moments

Although returning from a vacation is difficult for many, it doesn't have to be a dramatic moment! Take time to enjoy the moments you have experienced during the summer holiday season. Why not take the opportunity to keep your best memories in a photo album? Then, invite the whole family to contribute by asking them to share their favourite moments.

To avoid falling into melancholy, take the opportunity to dream about your next getaway! Have a project or at least an idea for your next trip. By planning everything in advance, you will be able to plan a budget and make some reservations in advance. In the end, all the time you spend preparing this project will allow you to escape from your routine!

Finally, the key to a successful start to the school year is organization and fun! Develop tools and plan time to take care of yourself. On a daily basis, the fact of relativizing your small everyday problems will definitely be beneficial to you.

We wish you an excellent start to the new school year! We know these back to school tips will help greatly!

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