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Do you find yourself having digestive problems sometimes, without knowing the cause? This can easily become very irritating…after all, at the heart of your overall health there is your digestive health! When we start feeling bloated, it can seem difficult to carry out even the most mundane tasks. In order to encourage a good digestion, we propose to you a few ideas of natural digestive aids to adopt. Discover how they will procure considerable benefits to facilitate your digestion!

The Importance of Gut Health

Some call the digestive system the ‘second brain’ since it is a very complex system containing millions of neurons. Impressive, no? In fact, your intestine is at the heart of your immune system and the latter defends you against a number of diseases. When the immune system is down, you find yourself vulnerable against germs. It is essential to put all the chances on your side to promote an optimal intestinal transit. Are you wondering what that even means? Without further ado, let’s discover it together!

What is The Intestinal Transit?

The intestinal transit is a term used to describe the operation made by the intestines to bring the contents from the stomach towards the rectum, in the form of stools. When an intestinal transit is rapid, the individual in question may have stomach pains after meals and sometimes even diarrhea. Conversely, an intestinal transit that is too slow can lead to constipation, producing significant discomfort. In any event, there are natural digestive aids that can help with such problems... And we are here to share some of them with you!

Digestive Aids to Facilitate Gut Health

1. Probiotic Supplements

Many people have heard of probiotics without really knowing their true benefits. To be more specific, the live bacteria and yeasts from the probiotics are beneficial for your health, especially for your gut. These are also known to be beneficial to the immune system and to prevent infections. Probiotics can be found in natural supplements, but also in many foods, including miso, soy beverages, buttermilk, fermented milk and yogurt. These are several alternatives that can help facilitate digestion!

2. Foods Containing Fiber

Subsequently, on its side, fiber allows a smooth digestion. From a preventive point of view, it may be beneficial to privilege fiber, even if you have no digestive problems. Fiber also contributes to the absorption of nutrients. In fact, once in the small intestine, fiber binds itself to water, giving it a jelly texture, which slows the absorption in the intestine. This slowness allows more time to the vitamins to do their job, before integrating them into the body. It is easy to get fiber thanks to foods such as beans, lentils, spinach, tomatoes, quinoa, pasta and more!

3. Teas and Herbal Teas

Teas and herbal teas are great digestive aids. Consuming some daily can relieve stomach pains or at least reduce their intensity. Here are some herbal teas from our Herbalist line that you should absolutely try!

Cranberry Diuretic

Cranberry diuretic tea is an ideal tea for encouraging urinary secretion. Thanks to its components such as bearberry leaves and dandelion leaf, this tea helps to reduce water retention. The juniper berries also have an anti-inflammatory effect that you can benefit from. We suggest you consume this herbal tea before and during meals for its full potential!

Cherry Stems Herbal Tea

The cherry stem herbal tea is definitely a must try for anyone who has water retention problems. Its diuretic properties will facilitate the evacuation of liquids from your body, which will make you feel less bloated!

Digestive Herbal Tea

Four O’Clock’s digestive herbal tea is a must have when you feel the need to help out your digestive system. Chamomile and ginger root provides calming effects that reduce gastric acidity and reduce the risk of indigestion. We suggest you consume it after or during your meals to maximize its effects!

Mint and Lemon Herbal Tea

Do you like the taste of lemon and mint? You will be satisfied with our delicious Lemon & Mint digestive tisane. The peppermint in this herbal tea will regulate your digestive system when you’ve consumed a high intake of fat. For their part, fennel seeds will help reduce gas caused by bloating. We bet that a cup of this magic herbal tea will get you back on your feet quickly!

In conclusion, a healthy and balanced diet is at the heart of good gut health. You now know some natural digestive aids that can help with your digestion. In case of any doubts about the products to adopt, it is always better to consult a physician before consuming anything. Something tells us that tea lovers are happy to find tea as a privileged solutions!

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