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It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the first source of energy that your body will consume. It is important to eat a good breakfast in the morning in order to give your body all the nutrients it needs to power through the day. Breakfast isn’t a priority for most of us. However, it has a considerable impact on our mood and productivity. A lack of time and motivation could explain why many of us skip breakfast.

Here are 12 healthy breakfast ideas that are quick to make and can be prepared the night before.

1. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Easy to prepare the night before, these crepes will save you a lot of time in the morning. Choose a light cheese and add as much fruit as you like.


Source & Recipe : Sos Cuisine

2. Healthy Yogurt in a Mason Jar

We often don’t have time to eat in the morning. This is why there is nothing better than a complete healthy breakfast in a jar that you can simply grab on your way out the door. Have fun with flavours. Fruit, honey, maple syrup, and granola are great ingredients to add to your yogurt.


Source & Recipe : The Two Bite Club

3. Field Berry Smoothie

Simple, efficient, and extremely versatile, the field berry smoothie will brighten up your mornings. It is full of nutrients and is quick and easy to prepare, leaving you with more time to sleep in the morning.


Source & Recipe : Nutrition Stripped

4. Fruit Salad with Quinoa

Quinoa is a fabulous grain that contains 15% protein, is gluten-free, and is a high source of fiber. Simply add fruit and you will have a healthy and delicious breakfast.


Source & Recipe : The Recipe Critic

5. Avocado and Egg on Toast

If you are used to putting butter on your toast in the morning, consider avocado as an alternative. It is the only fruit/vegetable that contains lipids. You will get the creamy texture you love without having to fear bad fats. Complete your breakfast with a delicious fresh egg.


Source & Recipe : Simple Green Moms

6. Breakfast Burrito

Do you need a healthy breakfast idea that can be prepared in large quantities? The breakfast burrito is an excellent choice. Filled with black beans, avocado, and eggs, you will have all the energy you need to get through the day.


Source & Recipe : Ambitious Kitchen

7. Granola Energy Bars

Commercial energy bars are quite expensive and often high in unnecessary refined sugars. Why not make them yourself? They have a very long shelf life and pair perfectly with a cup of black tea.


Source & Recipe : Minimalist Baker

8. Smoothie Bowls

Exactly the same as a smoothie in a glass, this one is eaten in a bowl. This way you will have much more room to add whole berries or granola.


Source & Recipe : BuzzFeed

9. Spinach Quiche

For a heavier breakfast, try a spinach quiche. Popeye’s favourite vegetable contains several healthy elements to help you during the day, such as vitamins A, B9, K, and C.


Source & Recipe : Bowl of Delicious

10. Zucchini Muffins

This vegetable isn’t only good for salads and ratatouille. You can use it to prepare a filling breakfast or snack. Try one or two with a cup of organic Japanese green tea.


Source & Recipe : Simply Recipes

11. Old-Fashioned Granola

A bowl of old-fashioned granola is the perfect way to start your day. With its nuts and whole grains, it will give you all the energy you need to clear that big pile of papers at work or go for a run outside.


Source & Recipe : Sos Cuisine

12. Bagel with Light Cheese and Strawberries

Another classic healthy breakfast idea is made up of two basic elements: the bagel and the cheese. This delicious duo pairs perfectly with a fruit smoothie or even a healthy yogurt. For the cheese, you could use ricotta that is light and easy to spread.


Source & Recipe : My Full House

Finally, neglecting to eat breakfast is as detrimental to our health as eating empty calories. If your body doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs, it will not be able to function efficiently. This is why it is important to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Why not complete these delicious recipes with a nice cup of hot tea? It improves productivity, memory, and prevents nutritional deficiencies.

How do you make sure you never skip breakfast?

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