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On March 18th, the Four O’Clock team attended the Healthy Family Expo 2018. It took place in Vancouver and regrouped dozens of exhibitors. This event was a real success! This allowed attendees to discover many health and well-being companies. It’s no surprise the Four O’Clock team met with tea enthusiasts for the occasion! We’re taking the opportunity to share with you our favourites stands, composed of businesses that captured our attention during this memorable day. Who knows, you might find new products you’ll adopt right away!

Four O’Clock at the Healthy Family Expo 2018

At Four O’Clock, human contact with tea amateurs is essential! Regular exchanges help to keep a focus on our clients values all while improving our suggested products. Our presence at the Healthy Family Expo 2018 in Vancouver was the perfect occasion to meet you directly. There were a lot of you who came to discover and rediscover the Four O’Clock products. At the event, there were numerous teas and tisanes from the Herbalist line that were tasted which made people present very happy.

Our Favourite Exhibitors During the Event

The event allowed our team to familiarize itself with many inspiring companies. We wished to share these new discoveries, since they can contribute to adopt a healthier lifestyle in your daily life. Amongst our favourites, you will find businesses in the food, self-care and sports fields. Without further ado, let’s discover them together!

Ethical Bean

Our love for Ethical Bean was a matter of course, since they possess similar values as Four O’Clock’s. In fact, this business has high quality Fairtrade products, and promotes social responsibilities within communities. Since its beginnings, this company launched in Guatemala and gave itself the mission to produce quality coffee in an ethical context. In 1999, the two founders, Lloyd Bernhardt and Kim Schachte, were on vacation to adopt their daughter. They were charmed by the local farmers and decided to start their own organization. Today, Ethical Bean has a vast variety of products that coffee amateurs will truly appreciate. This is a business to discover for its values and products!

Ethical beans
Source: Ethical Beans

Hippie Snacks

At the event, there was also the company Hippie Snacks, offering organic snacks and coconut chips. According to this organization, it is essential to provide the public with high quality organic products that provide nutrients for a healthy body. In addition, transparency is at the heart of their values and at Four O'Clock, it reaches us particularly! In short, Hippie Snacks are perfect snacks when you're hungry.

Hippie snacks
Source: Healthy Family Expo

Mama Be Yoga

The Healthy Family Expo 2018 allowed us to discover the Mama Be Yoga company. It is a well-being studio specializing in prenatal yoga and mother-baby classes. In addition to all its services, Mama Be Yoga even organizes mother-daughter yoga retreats to strengthen family relationships. This initiative has touched us, especially for the values of love and support shared through its proposed activities!

Mama Be Yoga
Source: Facebook - Mama Be Yoga

Bounce Energy Balls

Are you an amateur of energy balls? Bounce offers a vast variety of them, including mint and apple energy balls, just to name a few. Packed in small bags, it's the perfect snack to slip into your lunch box. Founded in 2004 by Paula and Andy Hannagan, these co-founders have, since their inception, wanted to offer delicious healthy snack foods. They definitely found their calling!

Bounce Energy Balls
Source: Instagram @ Bounce_can

Alter Ego

Do you know the company Alter Eco? Founded by Mathieu Senard and Edouard Rollet, it produces delicious snacks like chocolate, coconut bites, truffles, quinoa and rice. Everything is produced in an ethical perspective by favouring equitable relationships with the farmers of the regions from which their products come from. Their products are perfect accompaniments with your favourite teas!

Alter Eco
Source : Instagram @Altercosf

Tree Island Gourmet Yogurt

Do you enjoy yogurt and are always on the lookout for new discoveries? If this is the case, we suggest you discover the Tree Island Gourmet company, present at Healthy Family Expo 2018. This organization offers a great variety of yogurt with multiple flavours, such as chai latte, lemon and lime. In short, you will certainly find something you’ll love!

Tree Island Yogurt
Source: Instagram @Treeislandyogurt

Simply Delish Soup and Salad Company

The Simply Delish Soup and Salad Company was a great discovery at the Healthy Family Expo 2018. In small packages, they pack all the ingredients you need to make a vegetarian, gluten-free, sodium-free soup. A wide variety of soup is waiting for you on their website, so why not take a look?

Simply Delish Soup and Salad Company
Source: Simply Delish Soup and Salad Company


Amongst our favourites is the #Olive company, offering soaps made with extra virgin olive oil. Not tested on animals, its natural ingredients are also not harmful to the environment. In front of such a variety of soap fragrances, all the more excellent than the next, it will be difficult to make a choice as to the soap to get... you have been warned!

Source: Facebook - Hashtag Olive

In conclusion, the Healthy Family Expo 2018 was a real success. This event not only allowed us to meet tea and herbal tea lovers but it also allowed us to make great new discoveries. We couldn’t keep them all to ourselves! If you were lucky enough to attend the expo, what were your favourite products from our selection? Share them with us with the #fouroclockmoment!

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