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A growing interest in Fairtrade has become an important issue for many consumers. They are concerned about the ethical aspect behind the products they consume. We can no longer simply buy products blindly! Nowadays, we want to learn more about where the products we consume every day are sourced and their impact on local communities! In concrete terms, Fairtrade certification makes it possible to guarantee the ethical production of certain everyday items. At Four O’Clock, it was self-evident that we would be associated with such a cause. As part of Fairtrade Canada, we participate in many social initiatives, including the establishment of several Fairtrade campuses across Canada.

On these campuses, university students have made the decision to take action to make their campus more ethical. It is, therefore, a campus that has chosen to educate itself and its community about Fairtrade. They also promote the sale of Fairtrade products on and around their Fairtrade campus. Fairtrade initiatives improve the conditions of producers and their families. So why not visit a Fairtrade campus and buy your favourite tea?

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