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Bigstock Raw Cocoa Beans 74756470
Cocoa (shells cut)

Cocoa comes from the cocoa tree, which is found in the hot, humid regions of the southern hemisphere. Cocoa was originally used by the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec peoples, before spreading around the world.

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Chamomile is an aromatic herbaceous plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. It first appeared in Europe and North Africa. Used in the old days to make medicine, it remains one of the most valued plants to this day. Fresh chamomile flowers release a fruity scent reminiscent of apple. That's why some cultures, including the Greeks and Spanish, gave it a name that evokes the latter fruit.

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The cranberry comes from a small shrub with pink flowers that is found in cold regions of the northern hemisphere and usually grows in peatlands with acidic soil. The fruit, a close relative of the blueberry and bilberry, is typically cultivated at the start of autumn and widely used in the food industry.

Bigstock Cinnamon Sticks With Powder 109380068

Cinammon comes from the cinammon tree, which grows up to 15 metres high and is found in the wild forests of the Indian Ocean region. Discovered during antiquity, cinammon is a highly prized spice that is now used in the cuisines of countries around the world. Its taste derives from its aromatic essential oil.

Bigstock Heap Of Green Cardamom Seeds 122915264
Cardamom (seed)

Cardamom is an aromatic herbaceous plant originally from the Indian region that grows at altitudes of 800 to 1500 metres. These days, it is also found in Southeast Asia and Central America. Frequently used for cooking, cardamon can be recognized by its scent, which is remniscent of camphor and eucalyptus. It blends very well with other spices.

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The carrot is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Apiaceae family. On the crop especially for its edible root, sip of carotene, which is still beautiful orange color.

Bigstock Carob S Flour 111860609

The carob tree is a large tree that grows in warm, temperate climates. It is cultivated primarily for its fruit, the carob, which is often used as a substitute for cocoa and does not contain any caffeine.

Bigstock Cichorium Intybus Common Chi 111173315

There are many varieties of chicory, including leaf chicory and root chicory. It is a plant species that belongs to the Asteraceae family and is found mostly in Europe, central Russia and Western Asia. Slighty bitter in taste, chicory contains no caffeine and has long been used as a coffee substitute.

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Citrus (Peels)

Originally from Asia, the lemon is the fruit of the lemon tree, which is cultivated in Mediterranean climates and belongs to the Citrus genus. Lemon has an acidic taste, and its zest is often used in cooking as well as in herbal teas.

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Originating in Indonesia, the clove tree is a very large tree. Cloves are its flower buds, which are left to dry in the sun. The eugenol found in cloves is what gives them their characteristic odour. These days, cloves are used in almost all of the world's cuisines.

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Coriander (seeds)

Coriander is an aromatic herbaceous plant belonging to the Apiaceae family. Used since Antiquity, it was introduced to European lands by the Romans. These days, it is grown in temperate regions all over the world. In cooking, coriander is used for both its leaves and its seeds. It is mainly found in Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean cuisines.

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Cherry Stems

Cherries are small, red, fleshy fruit that grow on cherry trees, which belong to the Rosaceae family and have been cultivated in Europe since the 4th century BC. Cherry stems, meanwhile, are enjoyed in infusions, providing a fruity and slightly tart flavour.