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Lemon Grass (herbe)

Lemon grass is an aromatic herbaceous plant that is cultivated in tropical regions. Of Asian origin, it is also grown in countries such as Egypt and Mexico. Thanks to the essential oils it contains, the plant emits a fairly strong lemon scent. Lemon grass is commonly used in cooking, especially in Asian dishes.


The lavender is a dicotyledon shrub belonging to the Lamiaceae family that prefers sunny regions in particular. Although it once grew mostly in Provence, it is now found in many parts of the world, even Canada. The lavender has spiky, extremely fragrant flowers. They are used mainly in perfumery and aromatherapy.

Lemon  Balm Herb
Lemon Balm (herb)

The lemon balm is an aromatic herbaceous plant with bright green foliage and a lemony odour. Cultivated since the time of the ancient Greeks, it was used in the Middle Ages to make certain types of alcoholic beverage. Lemon balm is delicious in infusions, and it is also used to add a refreshing touch to dishes of various kinds.

Lemon  Myrtle Leaves
Lemon Myrtle (leaves)

The lemon myrtle is a tree with lance-shaped leaves that belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It grows primarily in the humid, semi-temperate forests of mainland Australia and Tasmania. The crushed leaves are used in both cooking and infusions. Lemon myrtle leaves are valued for their flavour, which is lemony but not sour.

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Lungwort (Herb cut)

The lungwort is a herbaceous plant with hairy, white-spotted leaves whose shape is roughly similar to that of a lung. It is found in semi-shaded areas in particular. Lungwort leaves are valued in infusions, while the young shoots may be used in salads.

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Licorice (root)

The licorice is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Fabaceae family which is harvested in the fall. Preferring hot climates, it is found wild in the Balkans and South-West Asia. The sweet root is used to flavour certain kinds of candy and beverage, including tea.

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The linden is a medium-sized tree belonging to the Tiliaceae family that is found in the eastern part of North America. Linden flowers are highly valued in herbal teas due to the subtlety and volatility of their aromatic oil.