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Milk Thistle (seeds)

​The milk thistle is a thorny plant with purple flowers that belongs to the Asteraceae family. Among other features, the plant may be recognized by its white-veined leaves. Milk thistle used to be associated with the following Middle Ages legend: during her flight to save Jesus from the mass executions ordered by Herod, the Virgin Mary is said to have stopped by a milk thistle bush to feed the child. Hearing soldiers approaching, she hid her son within the plant, and drops of her milk fell on the leaves, which is the reason for their white veins.

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Marshmallow (root)

Marshmallow is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Malvaceae family which flowers in July. The plant's leaves are covered in a soft, whitish down. It is notably found in Europe, along the banks of waterways. Marshmallow root was formerly used in confectionery for the purpose of making marshmallow creme.

Marjoram Herb
Marjoram (herb)

The marjoram is an aromatic plant with downy leaves that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Cultivated since ancient times, it originated in the east of the Mediterranean basin and prefers places that receive plenty of sunshine. In cooking, it is mostly used as a condiment to enhance the flavour of dishes.

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The meadowsweet, also known as mead wort, is a herbaceous plant of European origin belonging to the Rosaceae family. It's a hairy, leafy plant with an elegant appearance that is found in damp places. In cooking, meadowsweet is used as flavouring. It also adds a very pleasant fragrance to infusions.