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Rose hips berry cut

Originating in Europe and other temperate regions around the world, the rosehip is a thorny flowering shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is typically found next to woods and hedges. Its beautiful orange-red berries emit a subtle aroma and are harvested in October. Slightly sour in taste, rosehip berries are used in jams and infusions.

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The sole pronunciation of its name suggests mysterious origins from a far away land. The unique sound of its name suggests a mysterious origin in some remote part of the world, which is not far from the truth, as the rooibos is a shrub that grows only in the mountains of Cederberg, in South Africa. Free of caffeine, the thin, needle-like leaves of the rooibos are used for infusions. Once they are lightly crushed to begin the fermentation process, they change colour from pale green to deep red. Rooibos has a subtle flavour that sometimes recalls the taste of hazelnut.

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Rose (petal)

The rose is a thorny shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family that is found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Rose flowers have a powerful scent, which is why they are often used in perfumery. Rose petals have also been used in cooking since old times. They add a delicate fragrance to infusions.

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Red Clover (fleur)

The red clover is a perennial plant found on all continents in the Northern Hemisphere. The young leaves and flowers, which have a subtle, sweet flavour, may be eaten in salads. Clover flowers are also used in infusions.