Currently, there are many teas on the market and it can sometimes be difficult to choose which ones to try. Several varieties exist, both in terms of their taste and their benefits. With this in mind, we have decided to tell you all about Earl Grey tea so you can get to know it better. It is possible that after reading this article, you will want to make a cup of tea!

1. What is Earl Grey Tea?

First of all, Earl Grey tea is a flavored tea that is the result of a blend of black tea and bergamot, a fruit similar to lime. It's very popular! People from all over the world are drinking it and we understand why. Indeed, not only is it delicious, but it has a particularly interesting amount of antioxidants. That's one more reason to try it!

2. What are the Origins and History of Earl Grey Tea?

It is always interesting to discover the origins of our favorite tea. In fact, as for its name, it is rumored that this tea was presented by Charles Grey, the UK's prime minister during the 19th century. Yet, it was the Prime Minister who brought back this recipe from a diplomatic trip to China.

3. How is it Made?

At the end of the production process, once the black tea leaves are dry, Earl Grey tea is flavored to give it its special flavor. To achieve this, oil extracts or aromatic agents are used to add flavor to it while using very few ingredients. The intensity of the aroma of bergamot oil depends on the tea maker, causing the taste to change from one company to another. Also, Earl Grey tea is usually made from a mix of black tea from various origins, as India, Sri Lanka, China, and many more.

4. How Much Caffeine Does it Contain?

Conventionally, black tea contains a slightly higher dose of caffeine compared to other alternatives, such as green tea. However, its concentration is lower than coffee, which usually contains 95 to 300 mg for an 8 oz cup. Black tea contains about 40 to 60 mg of caffeine for the same amount. Either way, drinking black tea in the morning can be a great option to start the day off right! In the end, you will see several advantages in stopping your coffee consumption and replacing it with tea.

5. How Do you Prepare a Cup of Earl Grey Tea?

Infuse the black tea at about 100°C-212°F for about 5 minutes. However, you are advised to check out the instructions found on the tea bag you have chosen. This could have an impact on its optimal preparation.

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Finally, it is hoped that all this information about Earl Grey was beneficial. Surely, this tea, which is a blend of black tea and bergamot, is a must try.

Enjoy your Earl Grey!